Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A little nostalgic... and some darn good comfort food

I'm feeling a little mushy right now. Mushy in the way a caterpillar turns to mush inside of the crysallis before it becomes a butterfly.  At least I hope there's a butterfly at the end of my particular mushy-ness.

I don't know what it is: the dark outside, the pounding rain, listening to sad music right now, maybe the fact that my big webinar launch is over and I have time to breathe... but I'm finding myself nostalgic.

Before I tell you why, let me show you pictures of our backyard when the sun came out briefly the other day.

Things are good, really. It's just that they are changing so much. My oldest kid will turn 15 soon, asking for the car keys tomorrow, off to college in the blink of an eye, and maybe even moving to Germany and cranking out grandkids for me. My middle child just turned into a teenager - enough said.  And my youngest daughter is shooting up in height so fast I can almost watch her bones stretch. She is as tall at 8 as her brother was at 9 years old.

I'm feeling melancholy about not homeschooling them any more. After educating them at home their whole lives, travelling for weeks every year, vagabonding and learning with them, going on hiking adventures whenever we wanted, we are now completely restricted by the school calendar.

On the upside, our kiddos are all thriving at public school. The older boys are being noticed by their teachers for their leadership, attention, respect and motivation.  They love playing basketball with all their new pals.  The little 'un is making lots of friends and getting achievement awards. It's all good. Except... I miss them.

We wake them up at 5:45 am so they can meet the bus at the dark, lonely highway.  They are gone all day and come back at 4 pm.  

Now that they're gone all day, I can put some serious brain power into my own business.  Great things are coming down the pipeline for you.  Just wait.

When the kids come home and it's not too rainy, or on the weekends, I make a big effort to get them outside into nature, because that's where most of our best times are happening.

Come with us, and I'll show you where we go, passing piles of bear poop as we walk:

Although it's cold now, and winter is definitely advancing fast, I pack up snacks, maybe a hard cider or two for Steve and me, and drag them to the creek, where we watch the sun disappear behind mountain ranges covered with Cedar, Doug Fir and Hemlock.

Steve and I sit in the wet, cold sand, chatting and drinking our ciders, while Kai, Luke and Eva run around like maniacs with the dog, chasing each other, throwing sand and sticks, skipping rocks and skinning their knees like kids are supposed to.

I watch with nostalgia, missing this, knowing that these moments are numbered.

Remember? The whole growing up thing and asking for car keys...

So there you have it.  I'm disoriented, my kids are growing up, and the rainy season is upon us.

How about some inspiration now?  I have two things for you:

One: Steve is starting to make traditional wooden bows again, and we sell them in his online Etsy store "Return of the Primitive".

They are beautiful, incredibly well made, and popular. So if you want to give a bow to someone as a Christmas present, get it now before it's gone.

The second inspiration has to do with food.  I want to point you to some of my favorite recipes, just because I think YOU need some comfort, too, not just me, this mushy, gushy, sentimental Mama.  Click below to read a blog post I wrote last year, with some of my absolute favorite, healthy, tasty recipes:

Butternut Squash Galette, Grain-free-refined-sugar free Sweet Potato Cake, and Vegetarian Lasagne

Be well and stay in touch!  What are you feeling mushy about?

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Homesteading in Paradise - our little video about October highlights

Yeah, it's a little late, but better now than never.  I've been a little busy.  But, gosh, do I love making these little videos of our highlights of the month.

This one is about October, with all the glorious fall colors, some garden cleanup, cider pressing, fall hikes, and a little Mexico.

Watch it and enjoy!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

First snow!

Gripping the steering wheel and grinding my teeth, we crawled past yet another car in the ditch. No wonder: the road was treacherously slippery so early in the morning. The whole family sat in the car, clinging to their own seats and marvelling at the scene outside: a winter wonderland in very early November. 

That morning, we drove the kids to school, which at its best is a 30 minute car ride, but took us 45 minutes this snowy morning. Eva was about to receive an award at school, so Steve and I had decided to come to school with the kids and witness our daughter's celebration.

I don't think I've ever seen snow so early in the season.  It sure was pretty, though, although it melted in a couple of days.

This is what our icy view looked like out of the car window past Rockport State Park.

The strangest thing about this weather was the fact that two days before, we were hiking on Sauk Mountain in our T-shirts.

Sauk Mountain is one of our local mountains, a popular hike with steep switchbacks, gorgeous scenery - and a deadly history. Several people have died up there, either falling down or shot dead after being mistaken for a bear by a teenage hunter.

Therefore, the hike feels eerie. But look: it's worth it, don't you think?

I'm taking a deep exhale after a busy week of launching my free webinar and paid online cheesemaking course into the world. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun.

Also, we celebrated Eva's 8th birthday in the middle of the promotional frenzy, with a best-friend sleepover, roller skating party, and plenty of cupcakes.

I can't believe my baby is so old.

I don't have a whole lot of words left in me after so much writing in the past couple of weeks, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I've been taking the dogs for walks in our woollen handknits. Yes, I said OUR because I knit winter sweaters for my little foofy dog. Don't judge me.

First ice in the river
Racoon tracks

Halloween - my man and I

Saturday, November 4, 2017

They watched me teach from all over the world! And I have a time-urgent gift for you!

Oh, friends!  I'm feeling pretty elated!  Remember the webinar (How to make chevre cheese) I was so terrified of?  It was absolutely amazing!  A LOT of people watched it live, and they were from all over the world. Uruguay, Germany, England, Canada, lots of different states in the US.  

So much fun!!!

You can watch the replay by clicking here here if you want.

But you gotta do it soon, because I will take it down Sunday night, 10pm.

In this webinar, I tell people about the special I am running on my online cheesemaking course.  It's 20 percent off its usual price, so it's only $39.  You can get this special price, too!

Coupon code: chevre

But only until Sunday at 10.  I will increase the price of this course very soon, so if you've wanted to learn how to make cheese, NOW is the time to sign up.  

Here's the deal with this course:

I have taught thousands of people the art of cheese making, and I want to teach you, too!

For a very limited time, I offer this course at a 20 percent discount, $39, with coupon code:

But hurry! This offer ends Sunday at 10pm Pacific Time!

coupon code at checkout: chevre

In this self-paced online course, you will learn how to make four different kinds of dairy products:

  • Greek Yogurt
  • Chevre
  • Gouda
  • Cabra Al Vino

You start with the easier ones and then move up to the more involved cheeses. Keep in mind that even the more difficult cheeses are not hard to make. If you like cooking and eating good food, you can make cheese. I will hold your hand every step of the way!

In this workshop, you will receive my beautiful, detailed e-books on making each cheese, filled with gorgeous pictures, step-by-step instructions, and many tips and tricks that I have learned in over a decade of making thousands of pounds of cheese at home.

You will know exactly what supplies to order with her clickable links, where to order from, and how much.

My recipes are easy to follow, clear and simple. I will also provide you with recipes on how to cook and bake with what you make (cheese cake, anyone?).

And if you are a visual learner, you will watch me demonstrate techniques and methods in my movies, right in my own kitchen.

You can download all ebooks, movies and recipes and keep them forever! How cool is that?

Another great part of this program is the private Facebook group, where you can ask me questions, let me help you solve problems, celebrate your successes and meet a wonderful group of people who are into making cheese! I do regular Facebook Live sessions with this group so I can really help everyone!

At the end of this workshop, you will wonder why you were ever intimidated by the thought of making cheese!

coupon code at checkout: chevre

You don't need to own goats or cows to make cheese! You can purchase milk at the store, and it will work perfectly (as long as it's not ultra-pasteurized).

You don't need expensive equipment to make cheese! You probably already have many of the things you need for cheese making at home. As for bigger ticket items like cheese presses, I will show you where to find them or how to make your own.

Even if you already make yogurt and cheese, there will be tricks and tips in this class that might be new to you.

Making your own cheese and yogurt is a fantastic way to save money. Instead of buying expensive cheese in the store, you will make your own, nourish your family with healthy food, and impress your friends at a fraction of the cost!

coupon code at checkout: chevre

I have received dozens of raving testimonials from students who have taken this course.

Here are some:

"Having taken online college courses, I can say that the caliber of this online class was exceptional. Using your skill, knowledge and expertise (and joy!) in cheese making and presenting it as you have, has come through clearly and professionally making the art and science of cheese making accessible to us novices! Thank you, Corina!"
Debbie, NH

"I have been making cheese for many years by reading books, talking to other cheese makers. Corina's course has taught me so much more. Her recipes are very easy and realistic. I am a much better cheesemaker from taking her course. I highly recommend it for whatever stage of cheese making you are in. It is so worth it."
Kathleen, MA

"I had always wanted to make my own cheese but was intimidated with all the steps and precision of it all. Corina and her recipes made everything seem easy and doable. And I did it! Made by me cheese!"
Barb in British Columbia, Canada

"Corina's online cheesemaking class is very fun and educational. She is a wonderful teacher and has the patience of a saint. She is able to troubleshoot any problems and come up with solutions."
Leah, WA

"This course was terrific. I am pretty able in the kitchen and adventurous, but I really needed an extra push to delve into cheesemaking. Signing up for the class gave me the commitment I needed from myself, and Corina is quite clearly a competent teacher, passionate about her craft, and she has thoughtfully put this class together. I highly recommend it!"
Sarah, GA

So come join me! This will be fun! I promise! 

And with the coupon code, the whole course is only $39.  Offer ends this Sunday.

coupon code at checkout: chevre

Sunday, October 29, 2017

I'm terrified. You might be able to help!

I'm terrified.  No, I don't have a hurricane barreling down on me, nor an earthquake shaking my house.

But I'm still super nervous.  Why? Technology.

You might be able to help me, actually.

I'm teaching a free live webinar on Thursday, November 2nd, and I would like you to be there if you can.  I really could use the emotional support while I do this, for the first time ever.

I'm going to teach people how to make Chevre cheese on live streaming video, for about 35 minutes, and although I love, love, love teaching and being in front of people, I'm a wreck.

What if things go wrong with the technology?  What if I stumble over my words and talk way too fast?  What if there's a power outage and I can't even live stream?  What if nobody shows up?

That's why it would be nice for you to be there.  No pressure.  And you'll learn how to make Chevre, and you'll get a special bonus gift at the end.

Will you join me?  The info is here - click to sign up for the webinar.

I hope you can be there!

PS: Can you forward the link to sign up to your friends who like to make and eat food?  This is a FREE webinar, where people learn how to make their own cheese!

PPS: When you forward it, you could copy and paste this:

If you like eating food, and if you like making food, here's a great opportunity to get inspired:
Learn how to make Chevre cheese!
My favorite homesteading blogger Corina Sahlin is teaching a free webinar, where she shows you step-by-step how to make this mouth-watering soft cheese.

Corina is the real deal.  She has taught thousands of people how to make cheese, both on her beautiful homestead in the wild Pacific Northwest, and also online.  She raises goats and has made their milk into cheese for over 15 years.

But you don't need goat milk to make Chevre! You can make it quickly and easily at home with store-bought cow milk. 

You can make such awesome recipes with Chevre (Think cheesecake! Think salad with caramelized peaches! Think lasagne!).  And it saves money making Chevre at home instead of buying it.  You probably have all the equipment you need in your kitchen already.

Making cheese is so much fun and so much easier than you think! Let Corina teach you step-by-step how to make Chevre in her free webinar.


Why cheese making is so much easier than you might think
What equipment you need (You already have it in your kitchen)
What ingredients you need (It's not complicated)
The proven step-by-step instructions and recipe
How to avoid the most common mistakes
Discover tips and tricks to make a successful batch of Chevre every single time
What delicious recipes you can make with Chevre 

So what are you waiting for?

The webinar will last about 35 minutes, and a little longer if people have a bunch of questions for Corina. If you can't make it in person, there will be a replay afterwards.
This webinar is scheduled for November 2, noon Pacific Time (that's 1pm Mountain Time, 2pm Central Time, and 3pm Eastern Time)

I do encourage you to be there live, since you get to interact with Corina, the expert!

Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Completely and utterly glorious

The old timers in our neck of the woods have never seen a fall like this.  The colors are outrageous - completely and utterly glorious.  We think it might be because of the months-long drought, some chemical reactions.  If you know if prolonged dry weather causes an explosion of color, let me know.  The dork in me wants to know.

I don't want to write much in this moment.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.